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Have you ever met a designer who loves to design in “Powerpoint”? It’s a very rare breed.

To most designers, “Powerpoint” is like a whiff of expired Limberger cheese, which is precisely why we at Afstudio Design like it. Does “Powerpoint” have quirks and flaws that sometimes make us want to tear our hair out? Yes, but hair grows back. :-) We pride ourselves on distilling your message to its essence and communicating the benefits visually in small delicious bites – in Powerpoint – so your audience will take action. In fact, some of our clients have said our presentations have literally sold their very complex products and services in a matter of clicks - purely on the merit of clarity and visual engagement.

Slide Concepts: Presentations that Move People to Action

That’s why we formed Slide Concepts, a sub-division of Afstudio, that specializes in just presentations.

Various brnading components for the new City of San Rafael logo

Corporate Powerpoint Presentation Design Services

Various brnading components for the new City of San Rafael logo

How Can We Help?

Learn more about how we can shape your pitch, go to our Slide Concepts Site or just float us an email @ . We provide content services, if you need help developing the presentation too.