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Twenty years of creative solutions

We believe that a successful design must be constructed to be visually engaging and perform flawlessly. For 20 years, we've enabled some of the most innovative Bay Area companies to stand out from the crowd — while reducing the cost and effort of complex creative projects. Over the past ten years, Afstudio has won three ADA Awards for "Design Excellence" for web design and seven American Graphic Design Awards for print and web design from Graphic Design USA Magazine.

Afstudio works within a broad network of professional designers, illustrators, and photographers, all of whom have collaborated together on many projects over many years. This allows us to quickly scale up or down to meet client demand, and to offer the quality design services typically associated with large agencies, yet at a more affordable cost for the client. Our studio is known for bringing forth collaborative efforts that merge a diverse blend of complementary skills to produce creative solutions.

Andrew Faulkner, Founder of AF Studio

Andrew Faulkner


Andrew Faulkner is the creative guru at Afstudio. He's a veteran of demanding design and production environments, and as senior designer for Macworld Magazine he gained his reputation for always displaying grace under pressure. Following his creative passions, Andrew launched Afstudio in 1993, and has built a solid reputation for making complicated projects look easy. When Andrew's not at the studio, he's probably hunting down rare vinyl at one of the Bay Area's vintage record stores (if you don't reach him at the studio, try Amoeba Records). Some of his clients include Adobe, Intuit, eBay, Oracle, and Deloitte.

Lauren Donohue, Designer & Project Manager

Sky Yuen

Designer & Project Manager

Sky Yuen hails from Hercules, CA, and her strong design sense reflects the strength of the Greek god of the same name. In fact, when she interviewed at A F S carrying a 20 ton portfolio we hired her on the spot. Sky is both revered and feared for her mad production skills with the Adobe Creative Suite. She is so fast that it is rumored that smoke rises from her keyboard when she is cranking on a project. Sky’s design skills are as cutting edge as her arts and crafts abilities and her super-power is to carve a hand-made stamp with her foot while dancing to her favorite Hawaiian reggae song.

Jeff Brown, Senior Designer

Steve Lomprey
(AKA "Lomps")

Senior Designer

Steve Lomprey has worked for several top SF ad agencies, but with offers of grandeur (unlimited espresso), A F S persuaded “Lomps" to join forces. He is a talented tennis player and has played on some of the hippest courts on the coast. Steve's special super-power is kerning type with an antique tennis racquet. Lomps is also the founder of the New Narrative Project, a documentary film channel on Youtube.

Denise Thompson, Marketing Guru & Account Manager

Denise Thompson

Marketing Guru & Account Manager

Denise Thompson brings her charm, management skills, and epic business acumen to Afstudio after years of experience in the solar industry. Denise knows her way around a boardroom (even though I’m sure there’s an App for that). Whether it’s keeping projects on track or reaching out for new business opportunities, Denise is constantly bringing something new to the table (may we have some sea salt with that creative brief?). When she’s not working at Afstudio or honing her super-power ability to create complex project spreadsheets while practicing qigong on her stand up paddle board, Denise is consulting bay area professionals in her successful coaching business, Entrepreneur Coaching Systems.

What our clients say

"Forget that creative director who does the whiteboard ads for UPS. You 
haven't seen a masterful presentation until you've seen Andrew dress up in a banana costume just to help the client understand the complexities of a project. Seriously, Andrew really understands client needs and can deliver compelling solutions across media. I can give Andrew a project and not have to worry about a thing. He gets our brand, our culture, and is a true pleasure to work with."

Doug Beach, Creative Director, Digital Media at Adobe Systems

"Andrew has true passion for providing the best quality work without compromising timeliness or budget. Af Studio has proven to me to be a go-to for all things Design in the SF Bay Area. I highly recommend Andrew and Staff to anyone requiring a highly detailed and personable designer for their project, you will not regret it.."

Ryan Leglu, eCommerce Project Manager at JanSport, a division of VF Corporation

"Afstudio has been our go-to web graphics design firm for several years now. Andrew and his team are consistently professional, creative, fun to work with, and deliver results that work for us!"

Eric Ruiz, CEO, Sales Jobs Inc.

"Andrew and his entire team are smart, fun and diligent. They create a great product every time. Andrew is personable, easy to work with and extremely creative."

Nell Smith, JLN Solar

"Afstudio has that hard-to-find combination of dependability, versatility, and a wonderful sense of humor that makes them an incredibly valuable design resource for adobe.com. We've worked together successfully for years."

Kim Isola, Creative Director, Adobe Systems Inc.


Afstudio has been recognized as a leader in the design field for our work in print and web design. Graphic Design USA accepts thousands of entries in their yearly design competitions and Afstudio has won several awards from this etablished intitution. Of course, our main focus is to create new, fresh work that satisfies our client's needs, but it's always nice to be acknowledged for your efforts by the design community!

American Graphic Design Awards - 2012 Editorial Design
American Graphic Design Awards - 2012 Web Design
American Graphic Design Awards - 2010 Print & Web
American Design Awards - 2005 Design Excellence
American Design Awards - 2004 Design Excellence
Maggie Award for Magazine Cover Design